Karma Points
A friend of mine refers to doing good things in the world as racking up the Karma Points.  I think this is one of the coolest representations of good deeds that I have heard! 

I was watching the movie Pay It Forward last night and I realized that is what being part of society is all about...being able to help people in the biggest ways imaginable, leaving our fears aside.  I encourage everyone who reads this to pay something forward and rack up those karma points!  It may be something simple or it may be something difficult and complex, whatever it is you will likely feel different afterward. 

This is meant to help inspire us and help us recognize that we are all good people looking to help other people in some way.  The ways to help them are right in front of you, you just have to see them.

One night a few years back, I was having a really bad night. I just come back from living in another country and was having trouble assimilating back into my world here.  I felt as if I was not connected to Calgary or anyone in it.  I was at the bar having a couple of drinks by myself, not talking to anyone.  At the end of the night, the waitress told me that the man at the end of the bar who never even introduced himself and paid for my drinks and snack in hopes that I would have a better night.  To me, that is what life is about.  Seeing someone in pain and helping them in anyway that you can.  This is when Karma Points really began for me (without calling it that at the time).  I realized at that moment what an impact one small action has and decided that daily I would seek out and do things that make a difference... no matter how big or small they seem to me.

~ Sarah
I encourage everyone to send me their stories (sarah@breakfromstress.com) of Pay It Forward in their lives and I will post some of the stories here on the site.